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From "James Carman" <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r345284 - in /jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/src: java/org/apache/commons/lang/ test/org/apache/commons/lang/
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 02:44:08 GMT
Yeah, I believe it was an accident.  I apologize.  By the way, I changed my
settings in IDEA to try to match Commons Lang's style (so now if I do it on
accident, it won't be that big of a deal).  Here's what the file contains:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<code_scheme name="Commons Collections">
  <option name="ELSE_ON_NEW_LINE" value="true" />
  <option name="WHILE_ON_NEW_LINE" value="true" />
  <option name="CATCH_ON_NEW_LINE" value="true" />
  <option name="FINALLY_ON_NEW_LINE" value="true" />
  <option name="ALIGN_MULTILINE_PARAMETERS_IN_CALLS" value="true" />
  <option name="ALIGN_MULTILINE_BINARY_OPERATION" value="true" />
  <option name="ALIGN_MULTILINE_ASSIGNMENT" value="true" />
  <option name="ALIGN_MULTILINE_TERNARY_OPERATION" value="true" />
  <option name="ALIGN_MULTILINE_THROWS_LIST" value="true" />
  <option name="ALIGN_MULTILINE_EXTENDS_LIST" value="true" />
  <option name="KEEP_BLANK_LINES_IN_DECLARATIONS" value="0" />
  <option name="KEEP_BLANK_LINES_IN_CODE" value="0" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_METHOD_CALL_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_METHOD_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_IF_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_WHILE_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_FOR_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_CATCH_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_SWITCH_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_SYNCHRONIZED_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_WITHIN_CAST_PARENTHESES" value="true" />
  <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_IF_PARENTHESES" value="false" />
  <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_WHILE_PARENTHESES" value="false" />
  <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_FOR_PARENTHESES" value="false" />
  <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_CATCH_PARENTHESES" value="false" />
  <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_SWITCH_PARENTHESES" value="false" />
  <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_SYNCHRONIZED_PARENTHESES" value="false" />
  <option name="CLASS_COUNT_TO_USE_IMPORT_ON_DEMAND" value="99999999" />
    <value />
  <option name="CALL_PARAMETERS_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="METHOD_PARAMETERS_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="EXTENDS_LIST_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="THROWS_LIST_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="EXTENDS_KEYWORD_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="THROWS_KEYWORD_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="METHOD_CALL_CHAIN_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="BINARY_OPERATION_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="TERNARY_OPERATION_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="FOR_STATEMENT_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="ARRAY_INITIALIZER_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="ASSIGNMENT_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="WRAP_COMMENTS" value="true" />
  <option name="ASSERT_STATEMENT_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="IF_BRACE_FORCE" value="3" />
  <option name="DOWHILE_BRACE_FORCE" value="3" />
  <option name="WHILE_BRACE_FORCE" value="3" />
  <option name="FOR_BRACE_FORCE" value="3" />
  <option name="PARAMETER_ANNOTATION_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="VARIABLE_ANNOTATION_WRAP" value="1" />
  <option name="ENUM_CONSTANTS_WRAP" value="1" />

-----Original Message-----
From: Martin van den Bemt [] 
Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2005 5:32 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: svn commit: r345284 - in

I cannot help you with that, but just want to give a tip : when changing
code, never reformat anything. Just follow the code style currently used in
the java file (also since almost every project uses a different coding
style). If you really want to reformat code, just do that in a seperate
commit. This way it is easier to track the real changes.


James Carman wrote:
> Sorry.  Does anyone have a code style file for intellij IDEA for Commons
> Lang?

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