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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Re: <nudge>Re: [VOTE] Release commons math 1.1
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 01:18:40 GMT
I'm -1 on this release candidate. The maven.xml is not up to date - it
doesn't have the change that was made to include the "checkstyle.xml" and
"license-header.txt" files in the source distro  and hence those files are
not in RC4 source distro and the maven.xml is the wrong version. I've looked
at the "trunk", "branches/MATH_1_1" and "tags/MATH_1_1_RC4" and that change
is in all of them. This makes me believe that RC4 was built with the wrong
source and IMO questions the validity of the whole of RC4 - what else might
be the wrong version?

If it hadn't been for the above issue I would have voted +0 on this release
candidate because of the following:

* The "xdocs" and "release-notes.jsl" are missing from source distribution
which prevents the maven build (i.e. "maven dist") from working with the
source distro. I realixe that typically it wouldn't work anyway, because our
build system requires "commons-build" - however, if a user resolves that and
wants to build from the source distro IMO they should be able to.

I also have the following observations - none of which would have prevented
me from voting +1:

* The url on the issue tracking page is, IMO, ugly - for validator and
resources I used a page based on the Commons IO one (but including the
features provided by the Math url) and IMO its pretty good.

* My preference is to include the maven plugin dependencies (with comments)
that the site/doc generation requires - otherwise the jelly errors are
confusing for someone whose maven distro isn't up to the required versions.

* According to the maven guys its easier for maven 2 users if
artifactId/groupId is used for dependencies, rather than id.

I've created a patch to resolve the above (sorry its against the "trunk",
not MATH_1_1 branch) which is attached to Bug 37833


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Phil Steitz" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 4:34 PM

This vote is about to close.  Pls [math] and other commons committers, weigh



On 12/4/05, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> There have been no problems reported with math 1.1 RC4, other than some
> small javadoc fixes, which have been applied to the release branch.
> Assuming a positive vote, I will cut a new signed release, including
> these fixes.
> Release notes are here:
> And apidocs:
> The RC4 jar (commons-math-1.1-RC4.jar) has also been
> deployed to the apache internal maven repository at
> Votes, please.  The vote will close in 72 hours.
> Thanks in advance!
> Phil
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>   [ ] +1  I support this release and am willing to help
>   [ ] +0  I support this release but am unable to help
>   [ ] -0  I do not support this release
>   [ ] -1  I do not support this release, and here are my reasons
> ---------------------------------------------------------------

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