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From Dion Gillard <>
Subject Re: Jelly: New Tag Library?
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 23:17:53 GMT
Seems reasonable as a new tag library.

On 11/12/05, Ryan Heaton <> wrote:
> I'm working on creating a new tag library for Jelly that provides tags for working with
the new Java 5 Annotation Processing Tool
> (APT).  I believe this tag library would be very useful for developers who wish to use
APT to generate source code or other
> documents from java source.  Included in the list of tags would be XDoclet-like tags
that iterate through the declarations and types
> of a given source base when the JellyContext is populated with the AnnotationProcessingEnvironment.
> I have found Jelly could provide a much-needed abstraction on top of Sun's APT Mirror
API that would make APT much more useable.
> Developers could write a simple Jelly script instead of implementing an AnnotationProcessor.
 The script would be a template of
> sorts for the generated documents.  Basically, this tag library is to the APT api what
JSP is to the Servlet API.
> I wanted to see if any Jelly developers would be interested in including this tag library
in the Jelly project, or if it should be
> kept separate (perhaps in a SourceForge project).  Please consider the following:
> 1. This tag library would require Java 5.
> 2. Associated closely with this libarary would be the relevant implemenation classes
for com.sun.mirror.apt.AnnotationProcessor and
> any other APT-specific classes.
> Thanks,
> -Ryan
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