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From Sandy McArthur <>
Subject Re: Pool: comments requested for a new implementation
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 22:01:19 GMT
I made a small benchmark that tests single threaded throughput
comparing similarly configured CompositeObjectPool (COP) with
GenericObjectPool (GOP).

I've posted the results from a rather beefy HyperThreaded Pentium 4 3
GHz idle machine using Sun's 1.5 server JVM at:

For that configuration COP  is faster than GOP by between 40% to 55%.

On my much less powerful old mac laptop with the client jvm the
difference was only about 20%.

The test I used can be found in the source download at: Feel free to explain how my benchmark
is broken. :-)

I'll make a multi-threaded benchmark in the near future. Before I was
nervous COP wouldn't be as fast as GOP but now I'm rather confident
COP will be an even larger percentage faster in a multi-threaded

I'm still hoping for feedback.

Sandy McArthur

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
- Thomas Paine

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