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Subject Re: [vfs] jcommander [was: Browse the SMB network]
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2005 20:36:55 GMT
> Some parts of this library could be standalone, but most of it should be
> better in VFS:
> - file notifications - for instance on SMB too
> - partition information - you could get information for remote partitions
> too (SMB shares, FTP accounts)
> - trash/recycle bin handling - having an option to perform a deletion to
> the
> trash or make it a permanent one is useful even when calling VFS from Ant
> - file permissions - a generic mechanism on getting and setting file
> permissions regardless of the operating system is useful even in Ant
> scripts

Hi Mario,

The file permissions and notifications I'm actually quite interested in
and may very well be forced to deal with in the near future... so wouldn't
mind pitching in on these things...

- Filip

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