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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject [VOTE] New commons proper component - collections-functors
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 23:12:12 GMT
The [collections] component would like to split out a new commons proper 
component, [collection-functors]. This component will be created 
directly in commons proper, not the sandbox as it contains code 
previously released. The primary motivations are to reduce to amount of 
code held within [collections] itself (and thus the jar size), to allow 
the functor part to grow and to allow independent release cycles.

The new component will use the same package name as at present - 
o.a.commons.collections.functors, and will produce a jar with the name 
commons-collection-functors.jar. This new component will be at the top 
level as far as maven and other tools are concerned.

Please note that this is unrelated to the [functor] component in the 

[ ] +1 I support creating [collection-functors]
[ ] +0 It's OK
[ ] +1 If you must
[ ] -1 I don't support this because....

Voting open for 72 hours.


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