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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Client-side Digester?
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 18:41:38 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:
> Yes and no. I do see a place for JavaScript at the ASF, and I do believe 
> we should have a forum - and a community - around that.

Kind of a tangent from my original post, but is there any chance of 
setting up a simple Javascript mailing list under the ASF?  Or does it 
need to be tied to a particular project?  Such a list I think would get 
quite a bit of traffic, certainly it would be a more on-topic place to 
post many of the questions we currently see on the Struts and Tomcat 
mailing lists (and I'm sure others).  And this might serve as a good 
meeting place to discuss further ideas, as you alluded to later on in 
your reply.

> However, when it comes to the fundamentals, IMHO, the Dojo toolkit has 
> an existing and thriving community; they are pulling together the best 
> parts of existing toolkits; and they have a quorum of some of the very 
> smartest JavaScript developers anywhere. I really, really don't want to 
> see the ASF go off and (try to) duplicate all of the awesome work 
> they've done just so that it's under the ASF umbrella.

I for one would agree, if it's duplication of effort simply for the goal 
of having something comperable under the ASF umbrella, I wouldn't think 
that a good idea.  But I do think a client-side Digester, even if only a 
small subset of the current Digester, is significantly different enough 
from Dojo (as far as I can see at the moment) and other things that I am 
aware of, that it might be worth doing.

I just noticed your a Dojo committer Martin... I wasn't aware of that.


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