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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Client-side Digester?
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 15:58:07 GMT
Hope everyone (in the states at least!) is having a good Thanksgiving 
weekend (and I hope, like me, that most of you have a 4-day extended 

Has any thought been given to, or has any work been done already, to 
creating a Javascript-based client-side version of Digester?  I'm 
starting on a new project soon where I'll potentially have to be doing a 
fair amount of client-side XML parsing, and it occurs to me that using 
Digester would make my life A LOT easier.

Even if only a subset of functionality was available, I think it would 
be a nice thing to have.  If this idea HASN'T been explored yet, would 
there be any interest in it besides me?  I could possibly roll it into 
my project as a to-do and get it done.


Frank W. Zammetti
Founder and Chief Software Architect
Omnytex Technologies
AIM: fzammetti
Yahoo: fzammetti

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