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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject [all][POLL] what files to fixcrlf for windows distributions
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 08:05:51 GMT

It turns out that it is required to fix the crlf (EOL) thing when 
building distributions for windows distributions.
A "windows distribution" is a distribution packed as zip file.

Maven will add support to define a filter to setup the extension of the 
files to convert.

Anyway I think we should find a standard how to setup this filter.

The extension in question are:

[ ] .txt
[ ] .java
[ ] .properties
[ ] .xml
[ ] .css

.java, .properties, .xml, .css might be problematic as we might get 
diffs with the wrong line ending then - on the other hand for an 
developer its not needed as every IDE can handle LF only line endings 
and our source code format should define this (the LF ending) as required.

So only .txt might be save as this is generally the release notes files 
and getting patches for it is very unlikely ;-)

What do you think?

My personal vote goes to .txt only.


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