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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs] next things to do in vfs
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 07:15:03 GMT
Marius Hanganu wrote:
> a) writing to archive-type VFS (such as zip, jar, etc)
Added to the wiki.
> b) with phileas we thought of taking VFS to a new level by introducing 
> support to other hierarchical structures as well, not only file 
> systems. What if there would be file-content VFS extensions such as 
> content for generic XML files, for ant build files, for Java member 
> and methods classes, or other VFS extensions, like databases for 
> example, or even emails? Do you feel that VFS is suitable for these 
> cases?
Also added to the wiki, but we should implement them in separate plugins 
(vfs allows this) to not make the core too heavy weight.

The email provider should be splitted in

* pop provider
* imap provider
* mime provider

This should allow urls like this:

and/or allows to open locally saved raw mails.


XML could be done too, but this might only be really usefull if we have 
something like XPath to query the filesystem then, else VFSs value in 
this area isnt that much, though it would be a nice tutorial example.

Java member and methods might be cool too - useable? I dont know. 
Anyway, if one find the time to do it I'll setup a vfs-plugins 
"subproject" where such stuff will be hosted.

Browse databases could be also fun, but how to represent the table content?

> c) the means to pause an operation in progress
added to the "progress & cancellation api"


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