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From Marius Hanganu <>
Subject Re: [vfs] next things to do in vfs
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 22:19:45 GMT
Hi Mario,

As Robert mentioned, in Phileas there were some things we implemented 
and consider implementing, such as:

a) writing to archive-type VFS (such as zip, jar, etc)
b) with phileas we thought of taking VFS to a new level by introducing 
support to other hierarchical structures as well, not only file systems. 
What if there would be file-content VFS extensions such as content for 
generic XML files, for ant build files, for Java member and methods 
classes, or other VFS extensions, like databases for example, or even 
emails? Do you feel that VFS is suitable for these cases?
c) the means to pause an operation in progress


Mario Ivankovits wrote:

> Hi!
> I've setup a wiki to bundle our ideas about what we would like to see 
> next (after release 1.0) in VFS.
> Please have a look at
> The topics are ordered by my personal importance, though possible to 
> change.
> If I forgot something I already promised then please excuse me - just 
> come up now again, or add it yourself to the "non confirmed" area.
> Still, this is not a list of wishes to baby Jesus ;-)
> Best chances to get them in is to contribute. *hinthint*
> New Ideas to this "non cofirmed" area are also welcome.
> You might miss the target release version on the topics.
> Its just it depends on the time it takes to process the list, if it 
> took too long to e.g. implement 1. & 2. its possible to create an 
> interim release.
> I'll add a contribution instantly to the code base, though you'll 
> understand this might not be possible e.g. if its a huge patch.
> ---
> Mario
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