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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs][VOTE] release version 1.0
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2005 18:51:36 GMT
Hi Stephen!

Thanks for your review.

> The release notes cover changes in RCs. For a 1.0 release, the release 
> notes should be clean and state that this is the first full release 
> (except if the software is already in really widespread use). There is 
> no real need to detail other changes unless you feel its essential.
Ok, I'll clean it up if I create the 1.0 jar.

> The text files included in the release are all unix line endings. This 
> causes windows downloaders no end of trouble as we (unlike unix 
> developers) don't have easy access to eol dos2unix. One popular 
> solution is for zips to be windows eol, and tars to be unix. This 
> requires a custom ant script not a maven generated one
I've checked "collections", "httpclient", "net", "transaction" and 
"configuration". Only "collections" provide such a "service".
Every major IDE is able to handle those files, and even text editors 
(other than notepad) on windows are able to view such files.

However, if we would like to start having this now I am willing to do 
so, what do other developers say?
If we do so, I would like to see some support for this in maven as I use 
maven for distribution.

> The jar was built with JDK1.4. Are targetting only JDK1.4? If you 
> target 1.2/1.3, then it is possible that your jar won't work. I 
> recommend compiling using the earliest JDK possible.
Sure, but e.g. commons-net 1.4.0 was built with 1.4 too (+target 1.4), 
and thus I cant use the 1.3 compiler as the build will fail if I do so.
As far as I know the next NET version will be able to use target 1.3 
again, then I'll revert to use a java 1.3 compiler with maven too.
Anyway, VFS uses target=1.3 and I use the jdk 1.3 libraries during 
development - so if your setup is correct (xml apis, java crypto, ...) 
it should work.


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