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From Raffaele Spazzoli <>
Subject Re: feature addition proposal: disconnected jdbc statement
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 16:30:56 GMT
The library is in effect an implementation of the statemets interface
that become a wrap in the connected phase. This is obtained using the
java.lang.reflect.Proxy API. I didn't wanted to write a proxy for the
entire JDBC API, starting from connection. This also because a lot of
objects can't be useful without a live connection. For the statements
things instead are different.
The problem I had with the jdbc API is that I can't do anything with
statements without a connection. So first you must connect, then build
and prepare the statement. I want to do this two things in the inverse
order: first build and prepare and then connect and execute.


On Fri, 2005-11-18 at 16:45 +0100, Thomas Dudziak wrote:
> On 11/18/05, Raffaele Spazzoli <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've developed a class library to allow use of jdbc statements
> > (Statement, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement) in a disconnected
> > environment (i.e. a situation where a jdbc connection is not available).
> > This library can be thought as the counterpart of the CachedResultSet
> > class. I believe this library (about 6 classes) could be hosted in the
> > common-dbutils project. Please let me know if you are interested.
> This sounds somewhat similar to P6Spy, though with a different intent.
> Wouldn't it be more useful to write a proxy jdbc driver that is able
> to forward the requests if a connection is available, or cache the
> request (possibly blocking the caller) until available ?
> Tom
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