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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [collections] any objections?
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 15:10:53 GMT
On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 13:44 +0000, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> robert burrell donkin wrote:
> > has anyone run a long stress test?
> > 
> > if not, i'm willing to code up something and set it running on my debian
> > box for a few days. i'd appreciate a second pair of eyes on the code (to
> > avoid mistakes).
> My attempt at one is attached to bugzilla - SoakLRUMap. I've only run it 
> for an hour or so though.

great. it's a simple test but then again, none of the problems were
reported with obscure keys. i've set off two processes on my debian box
one running the single thread, one the synchronised multiple thread

> I did wonder if this might be some kind of double checked locking effect 
> only seen on multi-processor systems.

otis reports that he was using a beta JVM.

the reports (or at least those who are using correctly synchronized
versions of the map) coincide with the time when 1.5 JDKs were in beta.
wonder whether it was some sort of bug in the synchronization code that
was later fixed by sun.

my debian box is single processor and i don't have access to a double
processor machine. it's on constantly so i can leave the tests running
for a few days. i'll report back if there are any NPEs.

i suggest that if there are no NPEs in the few days, we work on the
assumption that it's some kind of issue in the synchronization code
(rather than the collection code). so, we then document and add a
warning to the release notes before moving towards shipping the

i would recommend keeping the bugzilla open but adding a comment
requesting that users ensure that the code is synchronized properly and
that they list the full environment (JVM and platform) plus information
about the keys they are using (and ideally a soak tests we can run).
that may give us enough information to track down where the problem

- robert 

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