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From Mauro Talevi <>
Subject Re: [math] math 1.1 RCs and FCS
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2005 18:34:40 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> There is general consensus that it is OK to publish snapshots to our
> "internal" repository at (aka
> "java-repository"), but not to ibibilio.  The snaps on
> are not guaranteed to remain there and users should not be encouraged
> to use them in production applications.  Others can jump in here and
> state different opinions, but I think at least within commons we are
> in agreement that we publish only released jars to ibiblio.
> Some apache projects vote on and release formal betas and some
> separate release votes from stability votes.  At this point, in
> commons, we follow the process described here:
>, which is to fix contents
> of the release via a release plan, then cut RCs for download /
> inspection from, iterating until a full release vote
> passes and we publish to apache mirros and ibibilio.
> This process and the Jakarta voting / release guidelines really
> predate maven.  It may be reasonable to add a "push RC jars to
> java-repository" to the RC process.  If other commons committers are
> OK with pushing RC jars to java-repository, I will do this for the
> current [math] RC and update
> to add a "publish to
> java-repository" step to the RC step.  This creates a little more work
> for RMs, but if it means the RCs get more / better testing and we are
> all OK with it from support / oversight perspective, I am OK with it

That'd be great! java-repository is just as easy to add it to the list
of maven remote repos.


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