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From Mauro Talevi <>
Subject Re: [math] math 1.1 RCs and FCS
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:36:02 GMT

Phil Steitz wrote:
> There are two open bugs holding up the release:
> (trivial)
> (requires some work)
> I will try to get these sorted this weekend.  Patches, feedback
> welcome!  Any [math] committers out there, pls review mails and bug
> report on Complex classes and weigh in so we can resolve and get the
> release out.

Thanks for the update. Bugzilla server is down ATM.
But I've been following the issue 37019.
It's still not 100% clear what the "correct" scenario is:
should or should the NaNs have an impact on the result?
Two comments you made seem slightly inconsistent.

"The general policy in [math] is to use NaN consistently with floating
point arithemtic specs (IEEE 754 for real, C99x Annex G for complex
arithmetic) so for statistics such as Sum, Mean, etc. that involve
arithmetic computations, NaN values force the return value to be NaN."

"This is definitely a bug, as the javadoc indicates clearly that NaN 
values should have no impact on the result:
"The result is NaN iff all values are NaN (i.e. NaN values have no 
impact on the value of the statistic)."

Could you clarify please? Is the javadoc wrong or the impl?

> We created a release branch once the contents of the 1.1 release were
> fixed.  That branch is MATH_1_1.  The svn trunk version includes some
> numerical analysis enhancements that will not be included in 1.1. 
> That's why the trunk version says 1.2

That's fine, but I guess what I was also asking is whether you have
a policy of releasing jars labeled 1.1-rc-* (I haven't been able to find
them) or only the final release.


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