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From Oliver Zeigermann <>
Subject Re: [transaction] transactional file access
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 15:06:02 GMT
2005/10/28, Joerg Heinicke <>:
> Oliver Zeigermann <oliver.zeigermann <at>> writes:
> > I do not think it should be too difficult, but what would be the real
> > benefit? The XA resource would store files locally only and a real 2
> > phase commit does not work with the transactional file system.
> I guess it is less a question of correct working than of integration. We have
> the need to run database updates, to execute Corba services and to modify the
> filesystem in transactions. From what I get (it's my first real contact with
> transactions not limited to databases) most of the TransactionManagers are based
> on Sun's JTA which is again based on the XA specification. So wrapping an
> existent transactional file access within a XAResource would be the simplest way
> to go, wouldn't it?

Sounds correct to me.

> > Anyway, if you have a decent running implementation of that and want
> > to donate it to the commons transaction project, I'd be my pleasure to
> > add it.
> Not yet :)

Let me know when you have anything or want more discussion about the topic!


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