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From "Lewis, Cory \(Genworth\)" <>
Subject RE: [configuration] PropertiesConfiguration include functionality broken
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 12:17:26 GMT

>Lewis, Cory (Genworth) schrieb:
>> Hi.
>> I believe I've found a bug in commons-configuration 1.1. Basically, 
>> PropertiesConfiguration will not actually include files in an include

>> directive until the original properties file has been reloaded.
>> An example:
>> []
>> foo=pref test1
>> []
>> bar=other test2
>> the test:
>> PropertiesConfiguration config = new
>> PropertiesConfiguration("");
>> config.setReloadingStrategy(new FileChangedReloadingStrategy());
>> int current = 0;
>> while(current < 2){
>>     System.out.println(config.getString("foo"));
>>     System.out.println(config.getString("bar"));
>>     current++;
>>     Thread.sleep(10000);
>> }
>> If this is run, and no files are touched, you'll get pref test1 null 
>> pref test1 null
>> If, however, you make a change to so the file gets 
>> reread during the sleep, you'll get pref test1 null pref test1 other 
>> test2
>> If you take out the reload strategy and run this against
>> 1.0, it works as expected.
>> It may be noted that I have applied the patch supplied in bug 34289
>> Oliver Heger.
>> I'd be happy to file a bug report, but someone else who can be more 
>> concise may want to do it.
>> In the meantime, if any one has a quick fix for this, it would be 
>> greatly appreciated.
>from your comments I read that you do not use the current version of
configuration (i.e. the version >in svn). In addition to the patch you
mention there have been other changes to  ProppertiesConfiguration. Some
of them also affected the include mechanism. I remember one issue 
>with the base path not being correctly set, which makes including files
>So, could you please give the current svn trunk a try and check if the
problem persists? If this is >the case, I will have a look.


	I did finally get the latest build, and it fixed the problem I
describe above. I believe there's still an issue with
PropertiesConfiguration(File), where if File(String) is only given the
relative path(i.e. just the filename) and the file is in the classpath,
it does not initially load it. It exhibits the same behavior as above;
properties are not available until the file has changed and been

	Not a serious issue, as it's easier to use
PropertiesConfiguration(String) in this case, but perhaps an issue


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