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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Commons Validator 1.2.0 RC1
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 19:33:54 GMT

First, thanks for doing this. I have a few comments:

* xdocs/changes.xml - the change log needs updating to RC1 (with the date)
* xdocs/download.xml - we should include rc1 under the "development
releases" on the download page
* JDK Version - The jar indicates it was built with JDK 1.4 - for the same
reasons as here....

....I would we prefer it was built with JDK 1.3 - even if there are no
issues with running it on JDK 1.3, I think it will make users feel more
secure to see JDK 1.3 in the jar's manifest, rather than 1.4

Also, not quite sure about voting on a RC1 - don't we just need to make it
available and announce it (as you have done) and then once its been out
there a while (1/2 weeks?) then call for a vote (assuming no issues arise)
on whether to cut a 1.2.0 release based on RC1?

Also, I would upload the web site to the proper place - that way anyone
going to the download page will see rc1 there available as a "development


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Don Brown" <>
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 6:48 PM

I believe commons-validator is ready to start the journey to 1.2.0 final..
All the open tickets are

See the zips at:

See the website at:

------------------------------ --------------------------
[ ] +1 Release commons-validator-1.2.0-rc1
[ ] +0 not too fussed, but OK
[ ] -0 won't block, but think imperfect
[ ] -1 not until xxx is fixed


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