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From "James Carman" <>
Subject RE: [proxy] Moving Proxy to Commons Proper
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 12:14:39 GMT
> i think that the proposal could be improved. it's usually used as the
> basis of the introduction paragraph for the component. a good proposal
> is a powerful weapon against featuritus and scope drift. so, it's
> important for the long term health of a project. 

> "The package shall create and maintain a suite of utility classes for
> creating proxy objects" seems just a little short. it seems to me that
> proxy is more like a minimal core of bridging API's for constructing
> proxy's (with minimal dependencies) supported by a number of optional
> implementations. 

That's just the first sentence of the proposals "Scope of the Package"
section.  Here's the whole paragraph:

The package shall create and maintain a suite of utility classes for
creating proxy objects written in the Java language to be distributed under
the ASF license. The package will include many different "object provider"
implementations.  The package will also serve as a repository for many
useful interceptor implementations. The package will provide multiple "proxy
factory" implementations, supporting different proxying technologies (JDK
proxies, CGLIB, and Javassist).

The Commons Collections PROPOSAL.html file has this in its "Scope of the
Package" section:

"The package will create and maintain a set of collections and related
classes designed to be compatible with the Java Collections Framework, and
to be distributed under the ASF license."

I tried to model proxy's documents after collections, since it is one of the
most popular commons libraries.

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