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From jerome lacoste <>
Subject [exec] API, implementation various notes
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 10:32:53 GMT

I did the first step at integrating commons-exec into CruiseControl.
It's not in the trunk yet [1]. I am not using all the functionality
(Exec) and we still have some duplicated code that could be fixed if
commons-exec was a little bit more flexible (i.e. add some interfaces
where appropriate).

I made a number of comments on things that I find strange in the
current commons-exec API / implementation.

One thing I wonder is about API stability. There are a certain number
of small changes I would like to see in commons-exec to make it easier
to (re-)use.

Things that I would also like to see in commons-exec, is transparent
use of ProcessBuilder (SDK 5.0) when available. This SDK class has a
funky API anyway, see also for
some pointers (shameless link to my blog).

I am also voluntary to produce documentation for the package (as said
to Brett and Trygve yesterday), help redesign things if these small
redesigns are allowed, making sure if will be used fully in
CruiseControl and why not help ant migration when it comes.

Where do we start discussing all these issues?




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