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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject [configuration] Release 1.2
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 18:36:16 GMT
A while ago we discussed the possibility of a new release of 
commons-configuration. Now back from my vacations I could spend some 
time on this task.

Following is a Todo list with things I would like to get done before a 
release. So this can be considered as a simple release plan. Feel free 
to comment or add further points.

- Bugzilla:
There are three tickets in the "need info" state, which can be closed 
because of lack of feedback. For 35858 we can decide whether the 
subset() implementation of HierarchicalConfiguration can be dropped. For 
other tickets I feel no urgent need to address any before the release.

- Ensure binary compatibility
A Clirr or JDiff report should be created as mentioned in the "Releasing 
Components" section.

- Documentation
Some improvements of our user guide won't be wrong.

- Code quality
Address errors and warnings displayed by Checkstyle, Javadoc, and other 
reports. Maybe try to further increase test coverage.
Apropos: What's the state of the new plist package? Test coverage is 
quite low (maybe because a failing unit test was disabled), and the 
Eclipse compiler outputs several warnings (e.g. about unused variables). 
Is it yet mature?

Any other points?


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