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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [commons-build] Site build problem
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 01:36:48 GMT

>We have Subversion now, and so svn:externals, which gives us an alternative 
>to having to check out commons-build separately...
This still has 2 problems:
- you end up with X checkouts of commons-build where X is the number of
projects in commons you have checked out
- You also have to do a copy of this directory at release time (this is
probably preferable to now where you always get the current version,
even for an old tag), you can't rely on the versioning of the external.

I think this option I raised earlier got missed, so I'll repeat here:

The one option I'd consider is whether it is worth ditching
commons-site.jsl altogether. I have no idea what it adds:
setting maven.xdoc.theme=classic instead looks the same to me (except for the
addition of the the external link icons which can be removed through
CSS). If you'd like me to commit that for commons-math I can. 

Does anyone know what it was meant to do, other than insulate against changes
in the Maven generated site?

I know that doesn't solve the fundamental problem in the plugin, but
might be the best solution for commons.

- Brett

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