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From Andrei Polushin <>
Subject Re: Lang dependency [VOTE] Release Commons Email 1.0
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2005 11:46:12 GMT
Henning P. Schmiedehausen writes:
> Stephen Colebourne <> writes:
>>My -1 will change to -0 if there is no public API
>>dependency on [lang] (as the dependency can then be
>>removed in v1.1). Which means changing the superclass
>>of EmailException, and following the pattern of
>>[collections] FunctorException.
> Give us a patch. Code before words. As I said, I've looked into this
> and I might do some work for 1.1. Not for 1.0.
> 	Regards	
> 		Henning

The patch is in the attachment, followed by the Java code itself, and 
there is nothing special: it does the same things, but without 
dependency exposed in public API.

There will be not so good idea to apply this after release 1.0, since 
that will mean breaking binary compatibility.

--Andrei Polushin

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