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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [jci] Handling compilation errors
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2005 19:24:13 GMT
> My use case is a "development mode" for Struts Ti.  One of the key
> features I'm going for in this mode is the ability to modify the
> source code, the refresh your browser to see the changes.  For
> example, if the user added an action method, but they made a typo that
> would cause the compilation to fail, when they refreshed their
> browser, they'd see a helpful error page detailing all the compilation
> errors and code snippets where the error came from.
> To do this, I'd imagine I need the ability to manually initiate a file
> system check for new/modified/removed files on every web request. 
> After all the changed files are finished compiling, I could pull out
> the errors from my problem handler and generate a web page.

The CompilingClassLoader runs only in asynchron mode. You only have the chance
of a problem handler with a specific lifecycle as I wrote:

> > do you really want to show compiler errors to the user? If so, you can pass
> > a problem handler that consumes the problems up to a refresh of a page. For
> > this refresh the problem handler is asked for the problems and they are
> > passed to the view. After getting the problems from the handler it can be
> > resetted or cleared.

If you need sychron mode you need to write something yourself wrapping just the
compilers, e.g. a SynchronCompilingClassLoader. Former versions of CCL were
synchron, maybe you can take just an older revision.


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