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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [math] Re: commons math
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 22:27:17 GMT

Sounds great!  Extending the stat package to include some data mining
capabilities would be a good and useful addition to commons-math,
IMHO.  To get started, the first thing to do is to read the
developer's guide
(, which will
tell point you to the general apache references and go over some IP
stuff that we have to worry about in [math].

Then either here or on the Wiki (see the guide for a link), post a
brief description of the kinds of mining algorithms that you are
interested in developing and we can get this going. On this list, pls
begin the subject line of all [math] messages with [math].

Thanks in advance for your contributions!


On 8/13/05, John Gant <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currently a graduate student in Computer Science and Computer
> Engineering at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. First let me
> congratulate the group of developers who commit and architect for
> apache commons. I have used many of the libraries and they are all of
> excellent quality (but I guess you already know that :)). I am
> interested in contributing to open source software and have interests
> that are in the domain of statistics with a focus in data mining.
> After writing many algorithms for classes, and asking an apache
> contributor if any of this would be needed elsewhere, he told me to
> purpose something to the dev list. So here it goes, I would like to
> help start a data mining section of commons math and advance the
> existing statistical libraries. I plan on developing the algorithms
> for personal use anyway, and would like to see some of my work be used
> by others. If anyone is interested we can continue this thread and I
> will email my code, and purpose my new algorithms.
> John Gant
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