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From Kevin Klinemeier <>
Subject Re: [configuration] no exception on missing key
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 00:53:25 GMT
Can one set that flag in the config file or the composite file?  I
hoped something like this would work, but no luck:

  <!--  the order of prescidence is first-to-last -->
  <xml fileName="prodConfig.xml" 

On a related note, is there some kind of document that describes the
config options available in that file?  I feel like there's a doc page
I haven't found yet.


Oliver Heger wrote:
> You are right, Moran, setting the throwExceptionOnMissing flag should do 
> the trick.
> However we should rework the javadocs for the Configuration getter 
> methods. They in fact claim that an exception is always thrown for 
> missing properties!

> Oliver

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