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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [proxy] Nightly Builds...
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 06:52:41 GMT
Craig McClanahan wrote:

>That sounds like an *excellent* idea ... that way, it can be
>maintained by all of us instead of just me.  The only issue that might
>be a concern is the security aspect ... I have my SSH setup configured
>so i don't have to log in, so that the "scp" transferes to copy the
>uploaded distributions will work successfully (without me being
>physically present at 4 in the morning :-).  But I'm sure we can work
>that out.
We can either:
- serve them directly from the zone (in which case I'll just proof of
concept it on the Maven one and then ask about getting a jakarta/shared
nightly build zone so you don't have to get stuck with a domain)
- ask infra@ to rsync them from the zone to minotaur on a regular
interval as they probably have a better way to do that
- have the script scp them over to minotaur using one of our accounts
(private key would need to reside on the zone). Probably the least
preferred but also ok for POC.

>I'll be glad to provide the scripts I currently use (although we would
>probably want to be more cognizant of platform (1.5 or not) and build
>system (ant versus maven) differences.
Yep, however you wish to go about that is fine and I'll lend some time
to it. I don't think this should be too much work.

- Brett

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