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From Joerg Hohwiller <>
Subject Re: [proxy] Publishing to Maven@Ibiblio?
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 07:04:55 GMT
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Hi James

James Carman wrote:
> How do we set up a project to publish its jar files to the Maven repository
> at Ibiblio?  I realize that commons-proxy is only in the sandbox, but other
> sandbox projects (i18n for example) have their jar files at Ibiblio.  The
> Syringe project I'm working on at has a build system that downloads
> all of its dependencies from Ibiblio and I'd like to start migrating Syringe
> to use commons-proxy.  Would the "mavenization" of commons-proxy cause its
> jar file to be published?
more or less.
In maven you can configure one or multiple repositories. Ibiblio is the
default. To just make something work you can have an additional local
repository or even just copy the commons-proxy jar to your local maven
download-repro ({home}/.maven/repository/commons-proxy/).

I have to go to work now.
But I can write you a maven config in the evening to get startet.
Maybe you should move your code from "src/java" to "src/main/java"
to be conform with the actual state (you do not need to but its
recomendet, then you also have "src/test/java" - makes things easier for

Regards Jörg

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