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From Kohsuke Kawaguchi>
Subject [javaflow] integrating the latest BCEL
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 00:22:58 GMT


When I instrument one of my classes with javaflow. I get a VerifyError 
from JVM --- the instrumented code isn't correct.

While I haven't done much research on why/how, apparently the problem 
only happens when I use the 2004/03/29 version of BCEL. If I use the 
current trunk of BCEL as of today, the problem goes away.

The 2004/03/29 version is more than a year old now, so I'd imagine 
there's been some bug fixes done since then. Now that BCEL has fixed 
36110 (see [1]) at least to the point that our test cases won't break, 
would it make sense to modify javaflow to use the current trunk version?

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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