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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: [exec][patch] commons-exec initial contrib
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 03:46:42 GMT
Niklas Gustavsson wrote:

> Kev Jackson wrote:
>> I'm not a fan of maven, so I'll write up a quick build file for it, 
>> I'll also look into javadoc/unit tests as soon as I have some time 
>> (perhaps tomorrow)
> Great! With regards for the unit tests I personally think that the 
> first step should be to refactor the launcher so that they do not 
> directly call Runtime.exec(). That currently makes unit testing hard.

Ok, when I have time I'll look into it - I'm currently bogged down with 
some very dull development for 10+ hours a day, so I've neither the time 
nor inclination to spend on re-factoring etc right now (I thought I'd 
get time this weekend - I was wrong :( )  Sorry for no contributions, 
I'll try and get something to you as soon as I've reduced my workload a 


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