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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Native File System Integration
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 06:58:59 GMT
>Is there any Java based solution for mounting any file resourse (cifs, 
>zip, etc.) to a drive on Windows and to any where in UNIX?
Not that I know one. The question here is if there is a virtual 
filesystem (e.g. zip, ftp, ...) which is able to handle it.

>Is there any Java and  Commons
>VFS based solution for mounting Commons VFS resource to the  native file
>system? If this could be done than all the applications  using Commons VFS
>directly benefit from native file system integration.
You mean something like mounting "ftp://host" to drive letter "f:" or to 
unix partition "/mnt/ftpconn"?
For Linux there is LUFS - looks 
not very active, but the approach is the same.

Someone needs to write a vritual filesystem driver for windows and one 
for e.g. linux which dispatches access to a configured directory to a 
running commons-vfs daemon.
While this sounds cool, it is way too much work to do - at least for me.
And there are for sure better ways to handle it, e.g. LUFS allows to use 
Gnome-VFS - so virtually every gnome filesystem implmementation is 
available to mount - ok, this is what the documentation says, never 
tried it.


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