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From joerg <>
Subject Re: [logging] proposal
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 22:51:09 GMT
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Hi Robert,

robert burrell donkin wrote:
> [cut.]
> i see no reason (so far) to veto :) 
> i've been thinking for a few months now that the long term solution to
> the difficulties associated with bridging APIs might be a logging
> specification (*not* an implementation which is IMHO where we've been
> going wrong). 
I am on your side.
> this would take ceki's static binding to another level: the
> specification should describe only a logging API with all the discovery
> and so on left entirely to the implementation. retrofitting this to JCL
> would allow slf4j to replace JCL (and the opposite) by just replacing
> the jars in the classpath. it would also provide a very clean way for
> JCL to provide specific implementations for specific purposes. 
> given the backing of the JCL committers and the slf4j subscribers, i
> really think that this approach would stand a good chance of creating
> sufficient momentum to unify the various bridges out there. i've been
> thinking of posting a proposal to slf4j (but had been considering
> waiting until the slf4j interface was more mature).
> opinions welcomed
> i'd also be very interested to hear what the experts on the slf4j make
> of these ideas. Jörg and/or joerg: want to volunteer to raise it?
> [cut]
> i hope to have a bit more time now but i've now lost track of where we
> are....
> - robert

just to get it right:
Is JCL = Jakarta Commons Logging?

lf4j is the "Simple Logging Facade for Java"
and ceki the founder and they have
which is very similar to

slf4j seems to have two loglevels less than commons-logging (trace and
fatal). I personaly would miss these levels a lot!

Hope thats all correct.

Anyways your suggestion was to bring the ideas of both projects together
and have one Log(ger) interface (and maybe do not waste performance by
adapters), is that correct? Maybe there was a lot more behind this but I
am not too deep in that to get it.

Well good idea if there are chances to make this happen. Even cooler
would be if that API would go as JSR into the JDK, wow! But, mmh besides
all my enthusiasm that is not going to be the next step esp. after the
exisiting jdk logger :)
For me the first step was to have these extension method to
commons-logging and make it fill the needs of the joergs and many other
people out there.

I would not mind involving the slf4j community but cross-discussions on
different mailing lists is not to easy to track and I would not like to
loose the focus on this one.
But I will subscribe to slf4j list and invite them to come into this
discussion. Does that somehow match a little of your intention.
(I better wait for response).

Take care
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