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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: [exec] Design of commons-exec
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 02:04:50 GMT

> This is a very short description of the cleaned up Ant exec task design:
> * Exec: the former Ant task class used to create and configure Execute 
> instances. Now mainly a convience class for starting new Execute 
> instances.
> * Execute: the main class for running one process. Handles creation 
> and configuration of the necessary objects (stream pump, watchdog, 
> process destroyer). Can wait for the full execution time to enable 
> synchronous return of the process return code or spawn a process to 
> run async.
> * Process destroyer: adds itself as a shutdown hook, Execute adds and 
> removes created processes to ensure that they are correctly destroyed 
> when the JVM stops.
> * WatchDog: used to time out a running process. After a given time has 
> passed, the process is checked if it's still running and there after 
> destroyed.
> * CommandLauncher: a family of classes for actually starting the 
> processes. Implementations exist for e.g. Java 1.1, Java 1.3, WinNT, 
> Mac, VMS and so on. These classes handles the platform specifics.
> * Environment: used to retrive the current environment as well as 
> setting new environment variables. Reading the current environment is 
> done using platform specific commands (e.g. "cmd /c set", "env", 
> "/bin/env") and parsing the result. This could of course be improved 
> on J2SE 5.0 to use System.getenv() instead.
> * StreamPumper: used to read/write the three stream (in, out, error) 
> simultaniously.
> * CommandLine: class for handling (e.g. parsing, quoting) command lines.

It might be worth extracting the interface from Ant, creating an 
implementation (using the interface) and then using this in a branch of 
Ant just to test that we've extracted all the necessary functionality.  
IIRC Environment is really derived through JavaEnvUtils (though I'll 
have to check source).  A common interface for a commandLine would allow 
us to create platform specific commandLines depending on environment



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