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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Legalities of importing code Was: Sandbox Project Proposal: Commons-Proxy...
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2005 21:09:18 GMT
Sounds like something we have to get a lot better at. At a guess,
about 90% of the code at the ASF that I've written began life outside
of the ASF Infrastructure.

Rule-wise, what's the definition of this:

* Single class by ASF CLA authors to add to Apache, developed outside
of the ASF.
* Single package " "
* Single component " " (ie: going into commons sandbox)

If there are non ASF CLAs as authors, definitely needs to do legal
stuff etc. Only really concerned about code from ASF peoples atm.

For example, I'd like to add SystemDataSource to Commons DbUtils. The
class is wholly written by me, currently reside in's
gj-core. Would it be held up by the notoriously painful Fax (or in my
case the US postal office as it's much easier than faxing).

Especially interesting in Commons-Proxy's case as it's from a body of
work (Syringe) that the ASF/Jakarta don't have an obvious system for
handling; an ASF developer who wants to create a Jakarta subproject
from scratch. Proposed to Commons, but considered outside of Commons


Additionally. What does the software grant apply to?

Let's say I get a grant for gj-find. I continue to maintain gj-find
outside of the ASF. Can I continually port code over, or do I have to
get a new grant for each new porting.

Basically at the 'we need to understand some solid use cases' stage.


On 8/21/05, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
> > Well, since nobody answered me, I went ahead and just tried
> > importing the code into the sandbox SVN repository
> What is this code and do we have the appropriate docs filed?
> As I understand it, and we have been through this before with even a
> Director's own code, if this is a new codebase that was developed outside of
> the ASF infrastructure, we are supposed to get a software grant filed.
> See
> jlibtool.cwiki for an example.
>         --- Noel
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