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From "James Carman" <>
Subject RE: [proxy] vs proxytoys
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:45:09 GMT
I didn't understand what you meant by your question:

why do you call the methods "object" there?

What methods are you talking about?  Do you mean the getObject() method on
the ObjectProvider interface.  Well, I thought about that.  A provider isn't
a factory, because it doesn't necessarily create the object it's providing,
so I didn't name the method createObject().  I guess I could have called it
provideObject(), but I chose getObject() instead.  It could easily be
changed if anyone has any really strong feelings about it. 

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Subject: Re: [proxy] vs proxytoys

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Jörg Schaible wrote:
> Hi James,
Hi there,
> can you tell me, what you are missing with proxytoys? You announced to
> a closer look , but did not write anything further.
It seems to be true that proxytoys and "commons-proxy" are quite similar
animals. The API seems to differ slightly (esp. according to the

The important things are:
"commons-proxy" works on a javassist implementation and has interesting
goodies for various provider stategies:

proxytoys has interesting goodies called "toys" (btw: why do you call
the methods "object" there?):

Maybe it would be possible to bring both together, but it may start and
fall by the political classpath thingy. I personally would always trust
a classpath "org.apache.commons.proxy" more thant "com.*" (even
thoughtworks produced a lot of great stuff such as XStream).
On the other hand proxytoys might already be in use so changing the
classpath might not be an option.
However this one is not up to me.

Anyways if this issue is through and commons-proxy is still there,
I could offer help in mavenizing the project (both maven 1 and 2 if you
like) so you'd have some benefits in maintaining the according site, etc.
> - Jörg
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