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From "Diogo Quintela \(EF\)" <>
Subject RE: [jelly] Jelly Builds
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 16:28:15 GMT

> Now... before I create another snapshot I'd like to clear first the
> things with respect to tag caching.
> Currently, if tag-caching defaults to true... all the tests except
> TestUnexpectedTagCaching succeed.
> If it defaults to false many fail.
> I'd like to make a snapshot and commit with default caching activated
> and with TestUnexpectedTagCaching commented out.

+1 with you. 
Do that at will. So far I don't have build problems either.

Btw, ElementTag has some small problems

XMLOutput newOutput = new XMLOutput(output) {

Should include

public void startPrefixMapping(String prefix, String uri) 
throws SAXException {
      super. startPrefixMapping (prefix, uri);

as startPrefixMapping is automatically called inside startElement...

And could also (to work with <x:comment>...</x:comment>

public void comment(char ch[], int start, int length) 
throws SAXException {
      super. comment (ch, start, length);

What do you think ...(eh)


> What do you think ?
> paul

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