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From "Richard Wood" <>
Subject Digester XML rules and more complex pattern evaluation (XPath)
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 06:23:44 GMT

Didn't get any feedback in the user group. I'll try this one hoping that 
somebody might have an idea how to solve...
A digester problem.
I'm trying to trigger different rules depending on the value of an 
Something like this

<X type="a"/>
<X type="b"/>

xml rules
<pattern value="X@type='a'"> something
<pattern value="X@type='b'"> something else

The patterns are using XPath similar notation.

How can I extend the existing DigesterRuleParser so that I can add my own
"pattern matching" method?
I'm guessing I would have to write my own extension of RulesBase.
But how can I combine an instance of MyRulesBase with FromXMLRuleSet and

Help would be much appreciated

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