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From Niklas Gustavsson <>
Subject Re: [proposal] exec support in commons
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 00:25:55 GMT
Excellent, thanks! I'll write up a proposal and sen it to the list. I'll 
also work on getting the code in shape for a donation ("donation" seems 
like an overstatement since it's merely cleaned up Ant code).


Brett Porter wrote:
> Well, both our replies did say we were swamped :)
> At some point we will want this, so I will create an empty sandbox
> project. You might like to read
> (you may already have)
> Basically to start we need to send an email to this list with a
> proposal, similar to what you've done already but with a bit more details:
> - name (commons-exec?)
> - rationale (this is really what you've already said, so include that)
> - scope (the goals we'd like to achieve: feature X, Y, incorporate
> functionality from Ant's exec and plexus-utils)
> That should be all. List Stefan (I'll dob him in since he seemed
> interested, he can always change his mind) and myself as initial committer.
> Next, we can discuss the design choices and goals here using an [exec]
> prefix on emails (or whatever is chosen).
> I'll be happy to import any code from your patches. Please let me know
> if you obtained it from another project such as Ant, plexus-utils or
> somewhere else as I'll need to be checking that.
> Thanks!
> - Brett
> Niklas Gustavsson wrote:
>>Hi again,
>>I never got any reply to the answers below so I'll try again :-)
>>If you still exec support of interest, what would be the appropriate
>>way  to proceed to either:
>>1. donate the code to an existing Commons project (possibly as a
>>biggish patch)
>>2. create a new project ("exec") using the code as a starting point.
>>3. some other way
>>I'm not a Apache commiter but would of course be happy to work by
>>commiting patches.

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