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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [CLI] two different versions of commons-cli-1.0.jar?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 03:36:26 GMT
I am not sure that I have understood the thread(s) above fully, but it
would seem to me that we need to immediately get the correct, signed,
voted, *released* 1.0 jar into *both* java-repository and ibibilo.  My
guess would be that via a combination of pom and .properties config
errors, someone published a snapshot (still named 1.0) to
java/repository and this got replicated to ibiblio.

I am -1 on pushing out any sort of "emergency" release without proper
plan, review and vote.   Has anyone run a clirr report on the bogus
and real release jar to see what the binary compability problems are
in both directions (users of the original jar could be breaking as we
speak, IIUC)?   I know I may seem to be dicounting the problems of
clients using the "bogus" jar.  I am not downplaying those problems
and feel that we need to acknowledge them on the web page and move
with all deliberate speed to develop a release of some kind that
matches the API in the bogus jar; but the official apache releases are
what we vote on and push out to the mirrors. I don't think it is a
good idea to circumvent or change release processes to correct
software distribution errors.

It goes without saying that we also need to find a way to prevent this
from recurring, and also find out immediately if there are other
situations like this.  Anyone interested in helping to find a solution
to this should subscribe to repository@ and discuss the general
problem there.


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