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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Incubating the Sandbox
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 10:03:02 GMT
>>   o How to handle dormant sandbox projects?
> subversion does cheap copies, so why not use them?

well ...not sure if it helps to hide them somewhere
under the bed. Then we could leave them where they

>>   o What is the definition of dormant?
> perhaps: one that is no longer under actively developed and which no
> active committers are willing to support. (yes, i know this is a  
> little
> circular ;)

Well... sure - but too vague.

What is "no longer"? Talking about 6 months
...what does count as "working on"?
Documentation fixes, bugfixes ...any commit?

Could "no active development" also mean it's
considered stable? What's the definition of
stable vs dormant?

I think it's not that easy.

>> Not sure whether passing all this
>> on to the incubator really will make
>> things that much better ...or easier
> i am a little concerned that the incubator requires a member to  
> sponsor
> each project. for code that comes from other apache projects, this  
> seems
> like quite a high barrier.

yepp ...I think that's not what the
spirit of the sandbox is about.

> but we should definitely talk to the incubator folks about these
> issues...

well, wouldn't hurt to do so...


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