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From Kohsuke Kawaguchi>
Subject [javaflow] Knowing when there's nothing to continue
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 00:10:12 GMT

It looks like the other discussion is going to take longer, so meanwhile 
I have a few other simple changes.

- Continuation.getContext() is typed as Object while it can be
   ContinuationContext. I think using a stricter type is desirable, hence
   the change.

- minor javadoc elaboration on the semantics of getContext().
   This is a developer visible 'API' from this method, so it needs better
   I have a feeling that you might not like it, but I think I need to
   learn your taste by a trial & error process. So bare with me for a

- Lastly, right now the continueWith method always return a non-null
   Continuation object, even if there's actually nothing to continue.
   Using such a Continuation object next time around causes an error.
   This isn't good. I think the caller needs to be able to tell if the
   continueWith method returned because the "thread" has suspended, or
   because the "thread" has completed.
   I modified the execute method to return null if the latter.

Let me know which change you are OK with and which change you aren't. 
I'll commit accordingly.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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