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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: commons-email problems
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:54:34 GMT
Sam Gendler wrote:
> Actually, clicking on that link ust provides a link to an HTML view of
> the source repository.  It doesn't include any instructions for
> actually accessing the source repository, nor do any of the docs
> within the souce repository.  That's why I wound up using wget to get
> the source so I could build it.

Yes that's right. Do you need info on *how* to download the source code 
for the project, in addition to *where* to download it?

If that is the case then we have these two pages:

Perhaps we should add a link to one or both of these pages to the 
commons site navigation template? Questions on how to download the 
source from version control pops up every now and then, especially for 
products that have not yet had a release.

Dennis Lundberg

> On 7/21/05, Dennis Lundberg <> wrote:
>>Sam Gendler wrote:
>>>>The repository is documented on
>>>>the site at .
>>>Thanks.  That is what I was looking for. There isn't actually a link
>>>to that webpage from anywhere in the commons-email project pages, as
>>>far as I can see.  I certainly looked.  And I just checked again and I
>>>don't see a link to it anywhere obvious.  That should probably be
>>The reason you couldn't find the link is that the look-and-feel of the
>>current commons-email website is a bit flawed. The "Project Info" in the
>>left-hand navbar can actually be folded out, although there is no
>>graphical notation that tells you that, to reveal the link above to
>>"Source Repository".
>>Dennis Lundberg
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