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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: [cli] 1.0.1 release
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2005 18:14:20 GMT
Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> Simon Kitching wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As there was general agreement on getting a 1.0.1 out I have gone ahead
>> and created a branch based on the CLI_1_0 tag. I have then committed
>> some build updates in that branch (mostly by copying from Digester).
>> Unfortunately there's something weird going on with maven's
>> site-building. The menus are missing bits, and the style is all wrong
>> (perhaps it's defaulting to the standard maven style or something).
> You can't compare the old CLI site with the one that get generated by 
> Maven now. The templates for the menus in ../commons-build/ have changed 
> since the old CLI site was published. It seems to me that the menu items 
> defined in navigation.xml work as expected and show up in the menu.
> I've got the look-and-feel problem sorted out. You need to add some 
> lines to the file for it to look right. I'll look 
> over it some more and get back with patches.

Here are the promised patches. The fixes are as follows:

- Fixes the copy-and-paste errors that I mentioned earlier
- Adds properties to get the correct look-and-feel for the site
- Adds the correct logo [1]
- Removes duplicate gumpRepositoryId
- Removes illegal id element in contributor (Berin Loritsch)
- Does no longer exclude CVS files (we're in svn now)

[1] To get the logo to work the image itself has to be checked in. 
Download it from 
and check it into cli/branches/CLI_1_0_1_prepare/xdocs/images with the 
name logo.png.

Dennis Lundberg

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