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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: Incubating the Sandbox
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 06:31:26 GMT
-0 in moving sandbox to incubator

For me sandbox and incubator have 2 different purposes.

Incubator: Bring *external* code & people into ASF, resolving license 
issues and allowing new people to learn the ASF way of doing things.

Sandbox: New and experimental code from existing and *trusted* ASF 
committers who want to build a new community / gather support for a new 

It might be an idea to promote the commons sandbox to a higher level 
(jakarta or even ASF) but IMHO a sandbox is different from an incubator.
But keeping the (sandbox) code close to its final destination 
(commons-proper) also has advantages.

-- Dirk

Henri Yandell wrote:
> [Spawned from thoughts on the Commons Csv component proposal]
> How does the following sound:
> * Move the Sandbox over into the Incubator project. 
> * SVN commit rights remain the way they are currently. 
> * Jakarta Commons and Apache Incubator come up with a simpler
> checklist of exit conditions than in general use in the Incubator [see
> * Creation of a single mailing list:
> or some such name.
> * Move the Sandbox website into the Incubator space. Keep the same
> Maven generation technology, except for the page on the actual
> Incubator website linking to the Sandbox site.
> * J-C and Apache Incubator come up with something to deal with dormant
> sandbox entries.
> ==============
> Some may be asking the question....why?
> * Taking Sandbox components through the Incubator will help us with
> legal issues we might find in a new piece of code, or in communicating
> the ASF way. It'll definitely help with occasions when we get a large
> blob of donated code.
> * 'Firewalling' the Sandbox components from Commons will drive the
> creation of a simple checklist for promotion, and improve management
> of dormant components.
> * New mailing list for the sandbox items might help us focus on them. 
> Thoughts?
> Hen
> [All my own silly ideas, we're not under any pressure concerning the
> sandbox that I've been aware of]

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