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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [lang] text.Interpolation, on to 2.2
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2005 18:45:05 GMT
Gary Gregory wrote:

>I would like us to reconsider the use of the VariableResolver interface
>for VariableFormatter. 
>It seems that this is a cleaner design that does not force subclassing
>or composition as the sole mean of feature extension. 
>Considering the complexity of the StrTokenizer class, I do not think
>that the earlier concern that VariableFormatter+VariableResolver as too
>framework-like is really valid.
>The interface VariableResolver could be made to live in the
>VariableFormatter class we *really* think we need to "hide" this
>If Oliver is up for it and the list does not say "no, no, because...",
>I'd like to see a patch to the CVS code that makes VariableFormatter use
>a VariableResolver with an canned implementation for Maps.
I prefer the VariableResolver approach, too. So if nobody objects, I 
will create a patch, which re-introduces this interface (as an inner 
class) and makes all methods static. (With this approach there is no 
need for creating instances of VariableFormatter, right?)

Don't know how much time I have in the next days, so this might take 
some days.



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