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From Rob Oxspring <>
Subject Re: [cli] VOTE: release 1.0.1
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 13:45:28 GMT

Simon Kitching wrote:
> Hi,
> As noted here, there is a bad commons-cli-1.0.jar file in circulation.
> It would appear that a trunk build somehow got uploaded to ibiblio as
> "commons-cli-1.0.jar", ie every Maven user whose project depends on
> commons-cli 1.0 is actually compiling against a snapshot of unknown
> date.

This is badness indeed.

> I propose that we cut a 1.0.1 release immediately which is simply a copy
> of the 1.0 tag but with:
> * version# updated to 1.0.1
> * a note on the welcome page for the website noting the issue
> We can then delete the commons-logging-1.0.jar from ibiblio. Note that
> this will break every build in existence which depends on
> commons-cli-1.0. However I think that's necessary: currently they
> *think* they are compiling against 1.0 but are actually compiling
> against a trunk snapshot from about 12 months after 1.0 was actually
> released. Breaking the builds so people can fix their dependency is
> probably the best option. Actually, if people have the jar in their
> maven repository their build will probably still work - only new users
> will break (which is probably a bad thing).
> I'm willing to be release manager for this. Of course it would be better
> if a CLI maintainer popped up to do this - Rob are you out there?

Here.  Am happy to be release manager though haven't actually done it 

> Torsten has indicated that there are some other bugfixes around and that
> it might be time to release a version with actual changes. 

Having just had a quick look, the CLI_1_BRANCH currently contains 
identical contents to the CLI_1_0 tag and while trunk has some bugfixes 
in it, it also has the 2.0 package. So I don't see an easy way to 
quickly release 1.0+fixes as 1.0.1.

 > I would
> prefer to avoid that, though: releasing 1.0.1 with no changes can be
> done right now with minimal effort.
> Comments/votes?
> [X] yes, release 1.0.1 and delete 1.0
> [ ] let's wait for a CLI maintainer to do this
> [ ] no, because.....

(Though am happy to be that CLI maintainer)


> Regards,
> Simon
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