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From Farzad Kohantorabi <>
Subject [Digester] Keeping inner elements as text
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:35:01 GMT
Hi all,

Some where in the xml I'm parsing there is an <abstract> element which
I want to store in a property, I mean with all of its content. For
example, the element might look like:

Kringles are autonomous structural domains, found throughout the blood
clotting and fibrinolytic proteins.
Kringle domains are believed to play a role in binding mediators
(e.g., membranes,
other proteins or phospholipids), and in the regulation of proteolytic activity
<cite idref="PUB00002414"/>, <cite idref="PUB00001541"/>, <cite
Kringle domains <cite idref="PUB00003400"/>, <cite
idref="PUB00000803"/>, <cite idref="PUB00001620"/> are characterised
by a triple loop, 3-disulphide bridge structure, whose  conformation
is defined by a number of hydrogen bonds and small pieces of 
anti-parallel beta-sheet. They are found in a varying number  of 
copies  in some plasma proteins including prothrombin and
urokinase-type plasminogen activator, which are serine proteases
belonging to MEROPS peptidase family S1A.

and I am using the following code to set <abstract> content in the
corresponding property:

        digester.addCallMethod("*/interpro/abstract", "setAbstractDesc", 0);

This code simply ignores <cite ...../> elements for I have not set any
rule to translate them. However, what I want to do is to set the whole
text, even inner tags under <abstract/>, in abstractDesc property.
Please guide me how to do it with digester.


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