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From Kyle>
Subject need help from a commons committer
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 16:52:31 GMT
I have posted a couple of emails trying to get some
dbutils enhancements accepted.  Unfortunately it looks
like there is no one activily developing / supporting

There doesn't look like there has been an update to
the code since 02/19/2005 from David Graham.  I
originally submitted this enhance 02/09/2005.  The
release 1.0 came out on 2003-11-10, release 1.1 has
been in dev ever since. 

There are currently 5 enhancement requests including
mine, a couple have code attached and the others are
requests for enhancements.  I would like to get my
enhancements accepted
as it would add stored procedure support to DBUtils
which currently doesn't have any support for stored

I would also like to implement the other enhancement
requests, but I'm not going to if there is no one to
review / accept them.

I think we should implement the outstanding
enhancements and patches and make a 1.1 release. 
Though I will help from someone whom is a committer. 
Is anyone willing to help me?

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