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From <>
Subject digester
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 17:00:42 GMT
Here is my example xml:

     <test key="abc" value="a" />
     <test key="xyz" value="b />

Java code snippet:

digester.addObjectCreate("example-xml/tests/", "Test.class");
digester.addCallMethod("example-xml/tests/test", "addTest", 2);
digester.addCallParam("example-xml/tests/test", 0, "key");
digester.addCallParam("example-xml/tests/test", 1, "value");

Test.addTest signature:
addTest(String key, String value)

This metod is never get called??? What I'm missing???

I guess I don't know how to handle attributes. I can change <test> related attributes
to sub-elements and that will work but was hoping to figure out the solution with attributes?

I'd appreciate any response!!!


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